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      Hi i am using flashpaper which opens in a popup window, is it possible to get rid of the popup and print the contents straight to the printer without a preview or print option window?

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          Yes, I think, maybe.

          You can use cfexecute to send output to printers recognized by the server. I know that part is true because I have done it. This is useful in intranet worlds where I work but probably rather quite useless for the internet.

          Plus, I'm not sure if flashpaper is what you want. If you used pdf instead, you might be able to create a file and use cfexecute to print the file. This part I'm not quite as sure about. Read the part about cfdocument in the cfml reference manual and you'll know whether or not you can create a file.
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            JohnGree Level 1
            ok so if i can create a pdf file and save it on the server, how would i print that pdf?

            i have looking into this and i found out how to save as pdf to the server, just not sure how i would print directly to a users printer?
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              tclaremont Level 2
              You can't print to a user's printer. You can only print to a printer that is mapped on the server.

              CF is a server side methodology. It has no idea what printers are attached to a client's machine.

              As Dan was saying, if you are operating in an intranet, and the server is mapped to printers that are in the same area as your end users, that is not such a big deal. The server can print to a printer that just happens to be in the general vicinity as the end user.
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                JohnGree Level 1
                hi i have found this forum post which claims you can!!


                will this work?