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    Conditional Compilation Flash Pro CC using Batch files


      Hey all,


      I'm trying to compile an AIR app using a AIR 16 SDK put together in Flash Pro CC (Windows) using config constants. In the batch file I'm using I'm trying to use:


      manifests/app_name-app.xml app_name.swc -define+=CONFIG::IOS,true -define+=CONFIG::ANDROID,false images/ios Default.png ...


      In Flash Pro CC > ActionScript Settings... > Config constants I have:


      CONFIG::IOS  false

      CONFIG::ANDROID  false


      Finally in the AS3 code itself I have:



          testText.text += "Android";



      CONFIG::IOS {

          testText.text += "iOS";



      Does anyone have an idea why this is giving me the following error when compiling?: No such file -define+=CONFIG::IOS,true\-define+=CONFIG::ANDROID,false


      EDIT: Do I have to package for AIR and FLEX to use config constants?