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    Import 3D PSD to After Effects CC


      Hi all!


      First time poster here


      So, I have a .3ds model file. I have opened this in Photoshop and saved it as a PSD. When I open the PSD, the layers are there, the textures, I can move it around 3 dimensional space - all perfect.


      But when I import this into After Effects CC and choose composition - retain layer sizes, it adds in a comp, with a folder containing the single PSD. This time, when I choose the rotate tool, it is now a flat image that I am rotating. It's as if it has lost the 3D part of the image. Is this a problem in the saving of the PSD? Or perhaps the way I'm importing/viewing it in AE?


      I'm running the very latest CC of both, and the .3ds file used at the start was exported via 3DS Max 2015.



      Many thanks