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      I have a new client that had a project produced with another firm. The firm was kind enough to hand over all work produced for the client. I have opened up one of the projects and there were fonts in the project that I did not have on my computer. I purchased the fonts that are in the project and correctly installed them. I confirmed this with both Apple and Adobe tech support. I just got off the phone with AE tech support and they recommended that I contact the forum to see if they could help. He explained that because the font works in AE, then the problem is not with AE, yet I still get the error message and the fonts still are not updating. I am looking for a solution that does not require me to have the previous Firm go through each text layer in the projects, list each layer name, which font was used, the size, boldness, italic and underlined for 12 projects with 30 plus text layers each. Also, I would prefer not to then have to do that process on my end as well. I am open to any suggestions or criticisms.