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    How do I get the Toolbars and palletes to show/register my selections?


      Palettes and toolbar do not register the correct information ie.Font size, swatch selections etc. Example, I select a sentence or word that is 10 pt, I move to & select something that is 24 pt and it still shows 10pt. Example, I go to the 'tables' tab to make changes and none of the windows allow you to type in info. I switch to another tab and then back and it allows me to enter my data.  Example, I select a color in the swatches pallete and it is remembering the last color used, I can not accurately select or change to a new swatch. PC computer, Indesign CC. It's making it impossible to work.

      Sometimes deleting preferences will clear the issue, but only for about 5-10 min. I've tried different monitor resolutions as I heard that CC is not up to date with monitor resolutions.