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    Why does my animated menu require me to click 2x before the action is played.


      I have a button symbol with a mouse over/mouse out event that plays fine.  I have placed that onto another symbol 3x with different text labels.  Then that menu symbol I placed onto another symbol that will act as my main content page for when the menu item is clicked.  However upon loading the is up I have to click any of the menu buttons 2x to get it to activate the 2nd click causes the animation to play and then the little menu button brings it back and all is well.  Just annoying you have to click the button 2x times (I put an alert in testing and the first click fires so I know that is not the problem).  Page can be seen at http://www.talkingrockgames.com/estimator/main.html and my meager code can be accessed by the following link if it helps http://www.talkingrockgames.com/estimator/main.zip


      Thank you for any ideas driving me nutz,