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    Cannot remove identity plate and other problems


      Hi- so I think I may have majorly screwed up. I am relatively new to lightroom, and here's what I did.


      I was just putting the finishing touches on a few of my photos to get them to the client today, and my computer started acting funny and wouldn't let me use the keyboard and would only open limited things. Desperate not to lose all the work I had done, I clicked on "export pdf" and saved the images to my hard drive.


      After rebooting my computer, all of my images were missing from lightroom, and when I googled how to fix this, the solution I found was to synchronize the lightroom catalog with the folder on my hard drive. Now, some of the images have what looks like a permanent identity plate, and the other images are still missing.


      Can anyone help me with where to go from here?


      Thanks so much