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    How to remove stroke from cells?



      I have 60 pages worth of tables. I want to remove black strokes appearing on the bottom of some orange filled cells. I use 5 cell styles. One is "no fill, stroke", and other four have "fill (gradients of a single colour), no stroke"

      I presume that I need all cells that are not white to have theire cell styles re-applyed.


      What would script for something like that look like?


      Thanks in advance.


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          tanujad54435002 Level 1



          You can try following script to remove stroke for filled cells.


          var totalTxtframes = app.activeDocument.textFrames;

          for(var i = 0; i< totalTxtframes.length; i++)


                  if(totalTxtframes[i].tables.length >0)  // if the textframe has table


                          var tbl = totalTxtframes[i].tables;

                          for(var j=0; j< tbl.length; j++)  // A textframe can have one or more than 1 table, hence using for loop to traverse each table one by one


                                  var allCells = tbl.item(j).cells;

                                  for(var k = 0; k< allCells.length; k++)  // traverse each cell in order to change its properties


                                          var cellInfo = allCells[k]

                                          if("None" != cellInfo.fillColor.name)  // if cell background is not equal to No Fill then stroke weight = none


                                              cellInfo.bottomEdgeStrokeWeight = 0;

                                              cellInfo.topEdgeStrokeWeight = 0;

                                              cellInfo.leftEdgeStrokeWeight = 0;

                                              cellInfo.rightEdgeStrokeWeight = 0;






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            Tomooo Level 1

            Thanks , works like a charm.