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    Use Videos Created in Photoshop within After Effects - Possible?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hello, newbie here. Can i use create video files in Photoshop CC and then import them in After Effects CC as video files?


      I create video files in Photoshop CC using Photoshop CC's timeline* and save the video project in Photoshop as TIFF or PSD.


      When i import these TIFFs oder PSDs to After Effects, they will only appear as still images, whatever settings i use on import (footage vs. layers). I don't see how to have the TIFFs or PSDs playing in After Effects as a video.


      Is it even possible to bring a video project from Photoshop to AE as video and not as a still image?


      I understand that the alternative would be to render the Photoshop video as MP4 and bring that MP4 into After Effects. I would prefer to avoid the MP4 route though.