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    The blue ray menu not working for Adobe Premiere Eelemnts 13


      Hi , I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 13 while and when I using the software to create a Blue Ray disc, the final disc is not function at all after write. I have the same problem in Adobe Premiere Elements avuto 12. I try to use the software on the another computer and I have the same problem. Another problem is that the software writes up to 70% not 100% of the disk to create a Blue Ray Disc. Does anyone have any idea how I can solve these problems? How can notify the Adobe software on these issues? Thank you.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Adobe tech service even for the current version is limited. And, more and more frequently, those who do get through to a Chat line are referred to Ask the Community (that is us, user to user).


          These are the questions that I will be asking to try to find the cause of your burn to Blu-ray disc issue.


          1. Are you working with the Intel HD Graphics 2000 or Higher preference enabled in Edit Menu/Preferences/General?


          2. What are the error messages that you get in the burn to process?


          3. With the Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray burner tray, what are its Quality readings for Space Required and Bitrate?


          4. What does the Blu-ray Movie Menu have to do with this?......Can I assume that is to what you refer in the title in your thread. If so,

          a. What disc menu

          b. How many Timeline menu markers? What kind and how many?


          5. Where do your burn to problem target

          a. Encoding menus

          b. Encoding media

          c. Compiling media

          d. Burn process itself


          Since "not working" on more than 1 computer and versions 12 and 13, please define "not working" fully and give a description

          of the resources of both computers.


          If all else fails, you purchased from Adobe direct, and you are within 30 days of purchase, you should be able to request a return/refund

          from Adobe via its Adobe Chat which I will post if needed.


          Please review and consider and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            DVi Level 1

            1.I use Nvidia GeForge GT 745M.

            2. I don't have error message. The burn process is finalized and after that I tray to play BD on BD player and I have clack screen widhout sound. Wenn I use Adobe Premeiere Elements 7 and i burn BD with menu, I can play the BD on BD player. I try to make BD wit Adobe Premiere Elements 13 without menus and after BD burning, thr BD disc work on BD player.

            3. Quality settings is " Fit contents on available space " and I tryed to make 1:30 h  until 2 h is the same results : the BD is not full burned. I comared with Elements 7 and in elements 7 you can rwite the BD full

            4.I think the problem is: Premiere Elements 13 make a fehler by BD burning  ( or ISO image burning ). I make regulary until 5 Timeline menu markers.

            5. I dont have a failure message. The problem can be by

            b. Encoding media


            c. Compiling media

            I have purcased the software in 4 octombrie 2014. I spocked with a friend and he had zhe same problem...


            Thank you.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              1. You say that you are using the Quality area with check mark next to "Fit contents to Available Space", but what are the readings there

              for Space Required and Bitrate when you have your Blu-ray disc in the burner tray and you have Status = Ready in the burn dialog?

              What capacity disc are you using - BD-R 25 GB or BD-RE DL 50 GB?


              2. I understand that you have Premiere Elements 7 and can create a Blu-ray disc format with disc menus on Blu-ray disc with it. Is 7 on the same computer as 13 and using the same burner and disc?


              Did I understand correctly

              a. You can create the Premiere Elements Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc WITHOUT menus and you have no problems with playback on your player, but you cannot do that if you include the disc menus?


              If that is the case, what specific disc menu are you using? And, how many Timeline menu markers have you placed on the Timeline beforehand?

              How many main menu pages and how many scene selection pages results as a result?


              On the Blu-ray format on Blu-ray disc with disc menus that are failing, is the preference for Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher enabled or disabled?


              If your Timeline content will be generating a Blu-ray ISO Image greater than 1 GB, there can be more problems. Please see

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13: ISO Image File Size Issue


              Please review the above and supply the details mentioned, and then we can decide on a troubleshooting plan.


              Thank you.