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    loadMovie to target issue

    leodsmith Level 1
      Sorry this is a cross-post but I need help pretty quick. Noone is responding in General.

      I'm trying to load a external movie clip (600x450_test.swf) to a target (targ02) on the main timeline.

      I have a clip on the main timeline which contains all my buttons. The script (below) is in the first frame of this clip.

      The external clip loads but replaces the entire main movie all together.

      I've been away from Flash for a few weeks but I thought this was what always worked. Not near old files to check.

      Script here:


      this.btn_Installingyt.onRelease = function(){
      _root.loadMovie("600x450_test.swf", "targ_02");

      System: FlashPro8, XP.