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    New Titan X worth it?

    coonasty Level 1

      was holding off upgrading video cards until i got the specs/price of nvidia's new beast.  my 770 is going into a second editing bay.  need either a 980 or a titan x (cant justify the workstation cards cost yet).

      is the extra meat in the titan worth pretty much double the price of a 980?


      mostly work 4k footage in pp & ae.  grade in resolve and use cinema 4d

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I am strictly guessing but I think that two GTX 980's with a total of 4096 CUDA cores might be better than the GTX Titan X with 3072 cores, now admittedly the differences in total memory (2 x 4 GB versus 12 GB) plus memory bandwidth (2 x 224 GB/second versus 336 GB/second) might change my mind after we see some test results will we know for sure.and of course the Titan X will be less power than two GTX 980 (250 Watts versus S x 165 watts) will factor into the final decision process.  Unfortunately my budget does not allow for any of those boards for testing..


          The difference between a single GTX 980 and a GTX Titan X depends immensely on what you are doing  The difference in many cases can be marginal

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            Yes the Titan X is most definitely worth the price with that workflow. BTW none of the Workstation cards are 900 series yet so as of right now the Titan X is the most powerful GPU out in the market.