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      When I create and attach a shape to a movie clip then its x, y are always at the 0,0 of the parent movieClip. But I hope it should be actually where it was drawn.

      As in attached code I expect
      in output window rather than

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          Sketchsta Level 1
          well the emptyMovieClip is at 0,0... but the triange is drawn from 200,200... like you stated it.
          theres nothing wrong with it..

          if you want to move the emptyMovieClip you would say:

          triangle_mc._x = 100;
          triangle_mc._y = 100;
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            Peter Lorent Level 2
            As Sketchsta point out, the triangle_mc is drawn with a rectangular bounding box with its registration point at 0,0 in the parent movieclip. So, if you want to control the position of the drawn triangle, you would draw the triangle at 0,0 and then set the coordinates of the triangle_mc to 200,200.