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    Customizing keyboard shortcuts disables other keystrokes!!


      I have long been a big supporter of customising my keyboard shortcuts. Typically I will change the behaviour of my keyboard F keys in system prefs to return them to 'standard keys'. This then frees up loads of F keys to use as convenient 'one hit' shortcuts, currently not employed in indesign (F1 thru 8 and with extended keyboard also F13 onwards). PS those crazy OS gimmicky F keys can still be accessed by holding down the 'fn' key.


      However as each OS comes out these shortcuts cause other functions to misbehave and the only way I have found to get them back is to stick with the 'default' keyboard set. I haven't though as I have learnt to live with the few that come up.


      Example: Running CS5.5 on OS 10.6.8 (my work setup)

      The most annoying one.. Every time you execute a command which throws up a pop up palette such as Transform/Scale, generally you will enter an amount and hit return. Well when you have your own shortcuts running, all that happens is the 'return' just adds a 'space' in that entry field. So instead you need to physically click on the 'OK' button. Annoying, but not a deal breaker!


      BUT my new home setup is CS3 on 10.10.2 – I know these two are a few years apart but they still work together (even after a shaky start with with Illustrator – another story!)

      So with this setup I am finding many keys on my extended keyboard are functionless when my customised shortcuts are in play, for instance the 4 arrow keys – really useful for incremental movements. So I am currently flashing back and forth between my shortcuts and default – FAR FROM IDEAL. I am coming to the conclusion that the keyboard shortcuts are fast becoming outmoded and I may have to relearn the default set.


      Does anyone have a solution so I can retain my shortcuts, honed over 14 years of Indesign usage?