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    A lightmap "solution"

      Hi guys!

      Every now and then some questions and issues about lightmaps and multiple UV sets come up on the list on the forums. I’d like to share a solution we’ve been using some time now. It’s is by no means a “wonder” solution, but it has always worked for us in the past. It is based upon a 3ds max script (max 8 only afaik). It is not very difficult and can create some pretty decent results.

      You can download the script and some additional files (for testing etc.) on http://www.xform.nl/projects/lightmaps/lightmaps.htm
      On this page you can also read on how to use it, the downsides (there are some unfortunately) and how it works.
      All samples are pretty simple, but it’s not difficult to expand it into complex projects. We’ve done so in the past as well.

      If something is missing on the page, something is not working or is not clear don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll fix it or explain it asap. Hopefully the script can be of use to some of you. Let me know if you please.