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    ADE 4.0.3 stopped working, Windows 8.1


      Installed Adobe Digital Editions Feb 27, 2015.  Worked fine. Had 3 books checked out and open in it.


      Didn't access it for a few days, now it won't open.


      Uninstalled.  Reinstalled.  5 times.  (checked to see if there were any files that were left manually; moved the files that were in "My Documents" to a different folder and deleted that folder as well.)


      Re-downloaded from Download | Adobe Digital Editions -- reinstalled.  Still nothing.


      It seems to install.  I have the icons.  I click on them -- screen flickers.  Run the .exe as administrator, screen flickers, ADE doesn't open.


      What info do I need to place here for someone to be able to give guidance?


      Thank you.


      Stumped And Lost