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    Can't edit page "because it wasn't found on the website or is a directory listing."


      I recently purchased Contribute 4 AND moved my website to godaddy.com. (Previously, I was able to edit my website with Contribute 3.) I don't know if my problem is caused by a new software or a new host for my website, but here goes...

      I have successfully made a connection to my website with proper password, user id, etc. However, when I try to edit a page, I get a message saying "You can't edit this page because it wasn't found on the website or is a directory listing." I called godaddy.com and they said, "YOu can't edit a live website for security reasons" (also said MOST companies do not allow this for security reasons) but the woman also admitted that she knew nothing about Contribute. So, I am wondering if she was accurate. It seems to me that if she was, there wouldn't be much of a market for Contribute.

      I know just enough about website management to be eternally confused. So, I my questions are:

      1) Is there any way I can adjust settings somewhere to get Contribute to recognize my webpages and/or change them FROM a directory listing?

      2) DId I just waste $150 on a product that I cannot use with my new web-host company?

      Thanks for your time!

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          Hey Susan,
          In my experience many companies are editing their content live on their webserver! It is not a best practice but of course you should be able to do it.
          In essence there should be no difference from connecting via any other FTP client to your website over using Contribute.

          Have you ensured that you programmed your connection to go to the proper root folder? For instance, I have FTP creds to get to my site, but the "root root" folder does not have write access, so all my cred have a root dir of "httpdocs". This got me my first time managing websites / server.

          You may also want to check to ensure you have the correct file extensions listed in you Contribute (it may not see a file it knows as editable). I do not know where that is off the top of my head, try preferences.

          Good luck,

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            suesong Level 1

            Thanks for your time and your reply. The technical questions you asked were of the very nature I was looking for...a direction to proceed with some more knowledge than I previously had about this whole process.

            As it turned out, after another phone call with Godaddy.com, a very competant service rep verified that the first person I spoke with was mistaken. (I must say, I call their hotline a lot and ALWAYS have my questions answered accurately and on the spot, so I was relieved to hear that my suspicions were accurate). He trouble-shooted several things, walked it down to another rep in his office who did some more trouble-shooting, and they were stumped. Finally, he suggested I reenter my password, ftp info, etc. and then it worked like a charm! I don't know why it originally confirmed my access but wouldn't let me edit. At least now it is fixed.

            I really appreciate your time!