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    Session use on Opera

      I am testing a series of web pages that use sessions variables. The session variables work as expected in IE, Netscape and Firefox. The session variable don't work in Opera. I use CFDUMP to watch the creation and modification to the session variables on the various pages. Specifically, here is the activity that is failing in Opera:
      1) My index.cfm page shows a list of Weather Stations - the user selects one
      2) Selecting and submitting a Station creates a session variable. The session variable functions and displays correctly on every page except the original index.cfm page.
      3) When the user goes back to the index.cfm page, Opera doesn't recognize the session variables. The page acts like it is being pulled out of the history, but it isn't. The user is not clicking back. The user directly clicks on a link to the index page, but the page doesn't show the session. If the user then refreshes the page, the session will update.

      As I said, the session tracks properly in all other tested browsers.

      Any suggestions? Anyone with similar experience?