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    After Effects Audio Export


      Hello all,


      So here's the deal, I have a 12mins composition with 4 different videos going on at the same time.  However, the sound has to be linked with only one of the video while the other 3 are silent.  So I did all the fades in the timeline and everything should be fine.  The problem is exporting it.  I first tried the AME and the video renders fine but there's no audio.  I tried all kinds of format and nothing would do. 


      Then I tried with AE's built-in rendering system and this time it always stops at around 2:35 with no pop-up or anything.  It simply says: Failed at 2:35:14.  Also, if I change the format of the audio, the time when it fails changes.  There is nothing special happening at 2:35 so it's not like it's encountering something crazy.


      I also tried rendering sound only and the same problems occurred.  Tried exporting to an external hard drive, tried everything I can think of basically...  To me, it feels like the audio file gets too big for after effects or something.


      I'm out of solutions and I need desperately need help.  I'm relatively new to all this stuff and I don't understand the issue.

      Any tips, ideas, or solutions?


      Thanks a lot,