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    After Effects Exporting Audio


      Hello all,


      So here's the deal, I have a 12mins composition with 4 different videos going on at the same time.  However, the sound has to be linked with only one of the video while the other 3 are silent.  So I did all the fades in the timeline and everything should be fine.  The problem is exporting it.  I first tried the AME and the video renders fine but there's no audio.  I tried all kinds of format and nothing would do.


      Then I tried with AE's built-in rendering system and this time it always stops at around 2:35 with no pop-up or anything.  It simply says: Failed at 2:35:14.  Also, if I change the format of the audio, the time when it fails changes.  There is nothing special happening at 2:35 so it's not like it's encountering something crazy.


      I also tried rendering sound only and the same problems occurred.  Tried exporting to an external hard drive, tried everything I can think of basically...  To me, it feels like the audio file gets too big for after effects or something.


      I'm out of solutions and I need desperately need help.  I'm relatively new to all this stuff and I don't understand the issue.

      Any tips, ideas, or solutions?


      Thanks a lot,



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          We can't understand it, either. You're describing a blue elefant under water and have not provided any exact info about your files, your system, render settings etc. If they are embedded audio streams, splice them out. if they are MP3s, convert them to WAV. Otherwise do the audio mixing in another program like Premiere or Audition. Of all the programs in the world, I can think of few programs that are more inapt at audio processing than AE...