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    Query of queries disallows SQL right() function

    kejones Level 1
      We're attempting to do a query of queries using the SQL right() function like this:

      select *
      from getresults
      where right([key],charindex('\',reverse([key]),1)-1) not in (#quotedvaluelist(getexcluded.file_name)#)

      We've even replaced that where clause with a much more simple

      where right([key])='m'

      just to make sure that it wasn't the nesting functions that were causing the problem.

      In either case, we get the error:

      Query of Queries syntax error.
      Encountered "right" at line 0, column 0. Incorrect conditional expression,
      Expected one of [like|null|between|in|comparison] condition,

      What SQL functions are disallowed from query of queries?