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    Why wont they Talk to me

      Hi guys, having some coding dillemmas, help would be wonderful.
      My basic objective is that i am trying to get a person, lets call him P1, to talk to the char im moving around.
      Ive tried (and need solutions to) the following:
      -I tried making the guy into a button, when i click him the dialogue shows up, but how do i make it go away on a second click or, as a better solution on a timer?
      - I tried making it so that if im in proximity to the guy, and click "space" the dialogue comes up, then it goes away after time or if i walk away. THis is my more favorable option.

      Thanks for your help guys, and if you cant quite picture what i mean, im looking to use actionscript to make a zelda type game, where you put your char in front of another, push a button, and they talk to you.