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    InDesign CC doesn't remember settings


      Every time I open up InDesign CC 2014 I have to change some of the settings, as it doesn't remember them from the previous time I opened it up. I think it was after the last update, but not totally sure. I'm using a Mac Pro (Early 2008) running OS X 10.10.2.


      Every time I open it up, the welcome window appears, even though I untick the box to say that I don't want it to appear anymore. The Display Performance in the View menu reverts back to Typical Display, even though I change it to High Quality Display, without any files open. The Document presets that I created are no longer there. And the Workspace changes to a default view, rather than the view I created, so I have to select the Workspace I want every time.


      Is there a way to get InDesign to remember these settings once and for all?