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    After Effects CS6 Update fails with the code (U43M1D204)


      I was just downloading and installing the latest updates on both my windows workstation and my Apple MBP.  Everything went fine on the windows machine but I keep getting the following error when my MBP attempts to update After Effects CS6:


      Update Failed

      The download appears corrupted. Please try again after a few minutes.




      I am running the latest version of Yosemite (10.10.2).  Is there some half downloaded file I can delete to make this work?  I've waited.  I've rebooted.  I'm VERY reluctant to delete my current installation of CS6 if this is what is required.  I'm an instructor at a local community college.  The college currently only runs CS6.  I teach an animation class that uses After Effects and as such I need CS6 working on my MBP.  If this update is non critical I'll just let it ride.  Oh, yea and I also keep AE CC and AE CC 2014 for no other reason than I can take a students CC 2014 file all the way back to CS6 so they can work in class.  I'm guessing I'll need to add CC 2015 or what ever they call it so I will have 4 installations of AE just to do file conversions..... but that is another thread.


      Any help on the current install issue would be appreciated