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    Cineware Multipass Problem in After Effects

    NickBerlin Level 1

      I'm rendering out a Multipass from Cinema 4DLite. I am using the Cineware PlugIn's option  defined Multipass then add layers. When the layers are created in my Comp. I get a message saying "The Cinema 4D file includes Light passes and post effects. Please note that they will not be rendered." What am I doing wrong? The Ambient occlusion and the shadow layer look really bad. I'm trying to complete the lessons in the focal press book Cinema 4D Lite +After Effects and I keep getting this Problem. What is it I'm doing wrong or what is it the book isn't telling me??

      Please help. And many thanks in advance, Nick

      Oh by the way I'm using the newest CC on an HP z820, but have had exactly the same problem on a Mac book Pro.C4DMultipass in AE.PNG