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    I want to know why Adobe Creative Cloud is not supported on Linux.  This includes both Flash and Air.


      I have a Raspberry Pi.  The operating system that I am using is Raspbian which is a fork of Debian.  The CPU on the Raspberry Pi is an ARM based processor.  Installing Adobe AIR on it is impossible since it is compiled for an Intel based processor.  So, it is impossible to run Scratch 2 on the Raspberry Pi.  I do know that gnash is available, but that is for watching videos online.

      After doing my research, I see that Adobe has stopped support for Air on Linux.  My question is why?  What is wrong with Linux?  Why is there such a grudge against Linux?  Adobe supports their products on the Macintosh, and it is a Unix based operating system (BSD).  There are millions of web developers that use Linux, and I believe that if Adobe supported Linux, those developers will purchase their products. 

      All in all, this tells me that Adobe is none other than a monopoly.