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    Moving from single app subscriptions (x 2) to annual Complete plan



      I'm a freelancer on a tight budget and, up until now have only had InDesign and Muse on a month-by-month plan as I did not regularly need Muse and it was more cost effective if I could only subscribe on the months needed. I have just got a new client who now works in the latest version of Illustrator and I need to upgrade to the full Creative Cloud Complete package.

      However, my subscriptions/payments for InDesign and Muse only went out yesterday and the day before. I have been told on the Adobe chat that there will be no refund or concessionary discount for the first month to prevent me having to pay out £45+ TWICE in one month. (As most freelancers will know, budgets are very tight lately!)

      Is there any way around this? I want to sign up for the Complete package in order to do the work for my client, but currently don't have enough in my account to pay the first month's subscription as payment for my single-app subscriptions have only just gone out.

      I would be grateful if someone from Adobe could look into this for me to see if anything can be done please?

      Many thanks.