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    Site HTML files not linked to Template file anymore

      Hi Again,

      I am suffering from another problem since I did a fresh install of DW8. After installing and trying to open up my sites I realized that my .HTML files (pages) that were linked to the template file are no longer linked. I had serveral sites saved on my USB thumb drive and after my fresh install I tried to open them up in DW8. I had to create a new site and pointed it to the files. I went into my template file and made changes then saved it. It did not update the several pages I had linked to the template file. Why did I loose this linking? Is there a way I can relink / associate the many .HTML files back with their template? Most of the pages are similar and used editable regions but to remake all of them again is going to be a lot of work. Please tell me there is a easy fix.

      Thanks in advance!