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    Session Variables Issue

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      Hi, I'm putting together my first shop.

      I have built and tested on

      IE6, then upgraded to IE7 & Firefox 2 XP PRo
      IE7 XP Home

      All is well and the site works fine on the XP machines. Each client / Browser retaining its own shopping cart information. Allowing for different users to select items.

      A friend has given me 2 old machines to build a testing workstation for browser compatability. These are both IE6 Win98 machnes although 1 will be changing. Despite a few layout issues all seemed fine. Until I added things to the shopping basket.

      It seems IE6 now (at least certainly under Win98) cannot persist the session data across pages. I'm not sure if this could be related to how they are conntected together (using a 10/100 switch) or if there is a setting in IE6 which would prevent this (not sure how this would be the case) or, more worrying, am I doing something wrong. My session/cart information is based heavily upon the CFMX7 Web Application Contruction Kit example. So I'm not sure what I could have done wrong.

      Here is the code below. Its using NAte Wiess' own CFC and works perfectly in IE7 and I Think IE6 on XP

      Any suggestions.

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          or if there is a setting in IE6 which would prevent this (not sure how
          this would be the case)

          This is a very likely concern to investigate. For sessions to work
          correctly, by default, cookies must be enabled in the browser. If the
          browser has been configured to not accept cookies, then every request
          made from that browser creates a new session on the server.

          If you want your sessions to work without cookies you can pass the CFID
          and CFTOKEN values that define an individual session through URL
          variables. This does take some work to make sure every link, form and
          any other interaction that generates a new request to the web server
          pass these values.

          There are aides in ColdFusion to help you with this process, check the
          documentation for all the fun details.
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            Nightfall_Blue Level 1
            The CFID and CFTOKEN variables are already in the URL.