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    CC 2014 - export to fixed layout question

    matthewdee Level 1

      When I do fixed layouts I usually do them in Ibooks Author, but gotta say I just did a fixed layout in ID, added interactivity and exported to FLayout and I'm impressed!. But I need to know about file sizes of the epub. Apple allows 2GB and since this book is for a client I see the file size is 386MB and the client had asked to see if I could make the file size smaller, so I went into ID and made smaller files from the original files which a lot were tiffs and and saved for web and replaced. Amazingly it only shaved of about 5 mb from the original which tells me that when ID exports it takes the file size down to the minimum by itself. There is video in the book along with audio, I thought I'd be able to shave a bit off there but not enough to make any difference without causing pixelization. I was able to re do the audio files and cut them in half which saved space but my question is here IS there a file size limit OUTSIDE of Apple for interactive Epubs done using InDesign?