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    Why won't LR5.7 let me add files in a folder to its catalog?

    SteveF1948 Level 1

      I accidentally imported files from an SD card into two different folders. Lightroom made me aware of this when I tried to copy them from folder A to the 'correct' folder B, by saying that they were already present in the destination folder.

      The stats for folder B show only 10 pictures, not the 277 I tried to copy from foler A. I don't know how to persuade LR to show the 277 files, which it says are in folder B. File explorer confirms that the files are in both folders.

      I've tried synchronising Folder B. LR says that it doesn't contain any files that aren't already in my catalog.

      Any ideas what is going on and how I can make LR show these photos?

      Thanks in advance,