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    wrap text around anchored object quicly


      I have book with anchored illustrations.

      I need to wrap text around anchored object but it does not work;
      So every time I go into Object> anchored object> release to wrap text.
      Can it be done faster because there is a lot of pictures?
      Is it possible for this operation "Object> anchored object> release" to assign a shortcut key?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Text wrap does work on anchored objects, but not quite the same as it does on non-anchored. For inline/above line anchors wrap affects text that follows the object. For custom positioned anchored objects it affect text only in lines that follow the line containing the anchor.


          Jongware wrote a script for me a few years ago to release anchored objects:



          n = app.selection[0].textFrames.length;

          while (n >= 0)


          try {


          } catch(_) {}






          Runs on a text selection containing (hopefully) some anchored objects.