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    Creative Cloud Library not as useful as ID libraries

    E Diane King Level 2

      I've used InDesign libraries since they were added to the application to store recurring items in a book layout for easy placement. Most often this includes inline graphic icons with object styles applied. With the ID library, all I had to do was select the item in the library, right click and choose place, and the object appeared where my cursor was in my text.


      Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a "place" option in the new CC Libraries. I choose "use item in document" and it completely ignores my cursor and places the icon at the top of my page, making me have to cut it and paste it into my text. This is terrible! It makes the library almost useless to me. My main use for the libraries doesn't work. Am I the only one that stores recurring icons in a library for placement inline with text?


      Thankfully ID libraries are still there, but now that I've created my lovely CC library, it doesn't import or convert to an ID library, meaning that I need to start over from scratch. I thought the CC library was a lovely feature, but now I have to work around it instead of use it. Waste of space.