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    Problem with a constant Creative could pop up We are having trouble verifying you membership.


      Hello All,

      This may be a problem already address in the but I can't find a solution. We moved from a creative cloud team membership to a enterprise membership.  We have created packages and pushed the 2014 out to the group. The package is licensed however we are still getting these annoying pop ups at launch. It states We are having trouble verifying you membership. Either you are offline or there is a billing issue. Please contact your administrator to resolve billing issues. Then there is a count down. After the count down is finished it just starts counting down again. We have uninstalled the creative cloud app  since we are not using it. It has only work on some machines. No one is logged into the creative cloud anymore. Does anyone know how to solve this? I am sure there is a old library file that need to be deleted but as of yet I can not find a solution.


      Thank you for any help,