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    Can I import files from my iPad camera roll to my iPad LR mobile & then sync this collection with its files to my MACbook LR database?


      Hi, When I travel I take my iPad with me. It has LR mobile on it. I can managed to import pictures from my camera into the Ipad "camera roll"


      Then I can import the files into a LR mobile collections.


      I could then make some changes and share to the web E.G on Facebook.


      My problem & question is How can I then import this collection and all the files within it to my main computer's LR database?


      I know how to do the opposite. That is import files into my MAC Book with LR and share a collcetion so it appears on my iPad. What I would like to do is the opposite so that I don't have to take my laptop with me when I travel.


      Is it possible to do what I would like to?


      Many thanks for your help