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    When I try to run a FindChangeByList.jsx in InDesignCS4, it will not let me select a txt file

    bongarjc Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have a 100 page document that uses two javascript FindChange queries to cleanup an imported XML file. I've been using the same cleanup files for years and they have worked just fine. (I still only open it in CS4 because I've had some issues when trying to use this XML/Find-Change combo in CS5 and 6.) The only difference is my computer has been upgraded, the apps reinstalled, and I am now running 10.9.5


      I can import the XML just fine into my template, but when I double click on FindChangeByList.jsx, select Document, hit OK, nothing happens. I do not get a second dialog box asking me to choose my txt cleanup file.


      I only run this job once a year, so it's possible I am doing something wrong. I've place copies of my txt files in as many scripts folders as I can find on my computer, but they are greyed out in the FIndChange Support folder within InDesign.


      Please help, this is the only way to fix this XML!