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    Flex 2 with Bea Weblogic issues

    lpmartineau Level 1
      Hi Everyone,

      I have installed WebLogic 9.2 from some good documentation from there website. I have then tried to deploy Flex2 and I am not able to.

      I have extracted the contents of flex.war to a folder called flex.war
      then I logged into weblogic, click on lock and edit
      click on deployments
      I select the flex.war file.
      I click Next
      then select Install this deployment as an application
      then Next again
      What do you want to name this deployment? I type Flex

      The rest I leave as is.

      I click on Finish
      I get 2 check marks that say:
      The deployment has been installed and added to the list of pending changes successfully.
      Message icon - Success You must also activate the pending changes to commit this, and other updates, to the active system.
      and I see this in the Deployments box:
      flex (,"2.0.*")

      so I click on Activate now
      I then get this:

      An error occurred during activation of changes, please see the log for details.
      Message icon - Error [Deployer:149606]Failed to configure deployment mbean for flex#@"2.0.*".
      Message icon - Error Name 'flex#@"2.0.*"' contains illegal character '*'

      I am not sure where it got that flex#@"2.0.*" from.

      how can I fix this?

      Thank you