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    datetime fields in custom web app won't store time data


      I have only just began working on BC, and have found some more 'simple' things to frustrate me.  1 of which is datetime fields within a web app.  For example, i have a web app, which has as series of custom fields, tracking the datetime of certain events through a process along with other details.


      However i have struggled to save the date and time into fields of type datetime.  Given the field type, i would assume that the field should be able to save a date and a time into a datetime field.  I have tried to store dates in the format '01-MAR-2015 09:45' and also the UTC counterpart '2015-MAR-01 09:45:00 GMT+0000' but either way doesn't seem to work either.


      Can anyone confirm whether i can actually save a time into a datetime field on a web app, and the format in which i need to submit data to make it work.