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    Where to manage my team for Creative Cloud products?

    Studio Corvus

      I just purchased a license for the complete Creative Cloud package. After registration and payment I could immediately add my team members (which is actually just me for my own business). After inviting the team member (me), I got an invitation mail, which asked me to finish the registration and eventually accepting the invite from my business.


      Now this worked perfectly. Now I want to go back to my Team Management, but I don't remember that I actually created an account with password for my BUSINESS. Only for myself as a team member.
      After searching on Adobe.com I found out that I should've received an automatic mail for the VIP (Admin team management system?), but I never got this. Or should I wait patiently for it?


      Please help. I'm confused by this way of registration. I expect a mail right after I pay something, seems pretty straightforward for me. Been waiting for an hour now.