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    Solr and Java issues

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, everyone,


      For almost a year, now, my team and I have been trying to get our CF servers to use the same updated Java as the OS server is using.


      For the most part, it's been pretty successful.  If we point the CFAdmin "Java and JVM" to the same updated/upgraded Java that the server is running, CF works.


      Except when it comes to Solr collections.


      Solr will work with Java 1.7 u21 or earlier; but nothing newer.  As I understand it, for security purposes Oracle started denying certain network permissions with Java 1.7 u25.  Those permissions are still denied through to the current Java 1.8 u40, and I'm pretty sure Oracle has no intention of reverting those permissions.  Apparently, Solr is relying upon these denied permissions.


      Does anyone know if Adobe and/or the Lucene team plans on addressing this issue?