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    Help with a large mac equipment purchase


      Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and turned here for some insight/help with a very large (for me) equipment purchase. I do quite a bit of web work, photoshop, illustrator and lately have been using a good bit of after effects for new clients. This seems to be trending-- so, I think I need to roll my sleeves up a little bit.


      Oddly enough, I've been surviving on a late 2013 13" macbook pro retna with only 4GB of RAM. It's not a rocketship, but I've been able to pump out some pretty nice projects with it. Some new clients have been demanding late night edits and I can't always get to my fully spec'd out (from 2013) iMac at the office. I don't have CC there anyway and for some reason, AE isn't functioning at all for me there - so I've been using my laptop and CC for that. The laptop works but chokes out when scrubbing with sound very easily along with a few other tasks that are RAM intensive.


      Because I've been getting by with this little machine, I figure a fully spec'd 15" retina with 16GB should work out nicely until Adobe releases a version of AE that takes advantage of the multi-cores & at that time I would buy a mac pro to fully take advantage of the software. It's my understanding now, that the new mac pro's are not being used to their potential yet, so there's no real reason to go that route.


      I also work on a Cintiq and waiting my turn in line for the 27" touch. So here goes, I'd like some feedback on the following purchase if anyone is kind enough to help:


      (2) thunderbolt displays (one for home, one for office)

      (1) fully spec'd out 15" retna

      (1) 27" cintiq touch

      (2) belkin docks


      Again this setup is mean to bridge the gap between the time it takes apple and adobe to link up with their AE multithreading (which I believe is on the way?)


      Obviously, the laptop will still have use at home, and on the go once I go back to a desktop at the office, but the dilemma for me seems to be mostly about the ability to take the work home after office hours so I can respond to edits without having to run back to the office. Once the multi-threading is supported, I would just but a thunderbolt drive to cart the AE projects back and fourth from home/work.


      I do see that I'm limited to 16GB until I'm back on a desktop model, but I think I'll be ok there.


      Does anyone see any issues with the above equipment choices?


      Thanks in advance for the help.