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    Access from Outside Network

    redbarron Level 1
      Ok, I need to hear from an experienced Contribute Admin here or someone from Adobe...

      We've been using Contribute successfully for about 5 months now on our network, CPS-managed (CPS is on a server separate from the web server), LDAP-authentication, no problems from within the network. I made sure the publishing server address was accessible from outside the network, and tested my login from home...no problem, I was authenticated. But as soon as it started trying to communicate (via FTP) with the web server to do all the synchronization stuff, it dragged and eventually threw the error "Server is down or not accepting connections". A review of FTP logs on the web server indicate that there was NO connection activity from CPS or anywhere at the time, so it seems there must be a setting in CPS (or on the server it resides) that's stopping FTP from occurring when the connection is outside the network. Any ideas?