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    My clients are having difficulty reading PDF contents

    Peter Pokharel Level 1

      When I upload PDF on my site Apple Repair Club - Midtown Manhattan, NY - (800) 521-6181, my clients can not read using Adobe PDF Reader. I am having difficulty in posting web instructions on posts or pages. Now, I'm using plain text posting rather than PDF. The purpose of PDF files directory in posts is that I can manage 100s of them in a single page and this is quite easy to browse and download when necessary. Not being able to view PDF on site pages or posts is an inherited domain or hosting issue or the issue of PDF reader - I'm kind of not sure about it. When I talk to the hosting provider, I'm assured that it should not be the issue at the hosting end. When I upload contents, I can view from Safari 7.1.3, Chrome 41.0.2272.89 and Firefox 36.0.3. I'm a Mac user and have not tested from IE. When clients browse, they are thrown error that the contents are corrupted or not available. I have not investigated clients' browser versions though. Is this because of the non-supported browsers? Or an issue seen somewhere else as well? I didn't find trending concerns on such issues on the forum. Any instructions or advise is highly appreciated.