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    How to Manage Several (But Similar) Masks on One Layer

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hello, in video tutorials i'd like to "sketch-motion" a red circle around relevant areas – several times in one video, around several areas in several sizes, sometimes elliptical and sometimes rounded rectangle. Sometimes i might want to show changes in position and dimensions of the circle. The video tutorial itself is one video layer including audio, already rendered before imported to AE.


      I know how to create a "sketch-motion" effect with a (for instance elliptical) mask and the "Stroke" effect. Now this red circle has various keyframes:

      - At least for "Start" of "Stroke" effect and ended "Opacity" of this circle

      - sometimes more keyframes for position and transform


      I wonder how to best create 6 or 10 such red circles within one video tutorial:

      - Should i do everything with one single "Mask 1", with keyframes for several appearances in several areas and sizes or

      - should i create a new mask for every circle that i want to show (sounds much preferable)?


      I don't want to arrange again the keyframes for each new circle added (build-up time of Stroke effect, fade-out time). Is it possible to save a mask with all keyframes and import it at several points on the time line, with all keyframes intact? (Position and Size would still be adjusted, as well as length of visibility.)


      I searched but didn't find a good solution how to manage a "master mask" or "mask template" or how to show that mask with the "Stroke" effect various times with always similar keyframes for "Start" and "Opacity". If you could hint me at how to manage that, that would be great.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Mask data is included in animation presets. Just select the relevant properties and effects in the timeline, then drag&drop the whole shebang onto the Effects & Presets palette. Otherwise of course multiple masks/ shape layer groups are preferable over a single mask jumping all over the place...



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            Henrik Nerr Level 1

            Mylenium, thanks for a helpful hint!


            I tried your suggestions and it seems that i have to save

            - mask shape and

            - Stroke effect settings incl. key frames

            as separate things, if i want them in the effects panel.


            When i set the Stroke effect to my preferred look (with custom colours, width, key frames for Start and Opacity) and save this as an effect, i cannot re-apply this to another mask with any of my custom settings still there. When i re-apply the saved custom Stroke effect, all settings like keyframes, custom colours and width are lost and it arrives with default settings and without any keyframes.


            Maybe i do something very wrong here?


            I wondered if i should save the mask with Stroke effect as an AE file and re-import it. But this mask can only be saved together with some footage and i don't see how to bring mask including Stroke effect into an existing composition and which of the File/Import ways to use.


            Thanks again!