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    How would I auto-replicate the title of my chapter so it appears at the top of my pages?


      This is my first book project and I'm almost overwhelmed with the level of complexity that this has been for me.  I keep running into issues, googling the answers and then move on.  But now I'm stuck.  I'm done with my first book, but I realize that I'd like the chapter of the book to appear at the top of each page so the reader will always know where they are at.  It's a teaching resource so it's very helpful. 


      I hope that makes sense. Thank you!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Important: Work with layers.

          Important: Work with Paragraph Styles. (You can set up for this purpose an alignment towards the spine or away from the spine, recommended)

          Important: Work with Object Styles


          Use for the text in a book a primary text frame and this text frame has to be aligned with the margin guides.

          Make at the top, above the margin a text frame (best is to align it with the margin guides and keep the distance to the marfin via text frame options.) Set up an Object style which includes all and Paragraph Style.

          Same with Page numbers.

          Insert variables on each frame, one text variable based on the paragraph style in the Headlines which have to reflect it, for the page numbers a special character > Marker > Current Page number.


          The alignment to the margins of all frames allows you later at any point to adjust the whole book with changing the margins in master and use layout adjustment, otherwise you must align later any text frame manually. That is why I take care everything is aligned.


          Here is the screenshot without everything selected:



          Because I used paragraph styles with alignment relative to the spine I have on the left and on the right page the same Paragraph and Object Styles, otherwise (as it was in old InDesign versions) I would have to make a second version for each style on the opposite page.