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    Reflowable Epub issues

    radicalrob Level 1

      So I think I've really messed up my project. This is my first book and in all it's wonder I'm trying to convert this as an EPUB, which I've never done before.  I've tried fixed layout and it looks beautiful, however I can't increase the fonts (for those that would like to have larger fonts).  Aside from this one area, it's wonderful.  So I tried a reflowable epub... uh oh.


      For some reason I probably didn't setup the "styles" correctly to translate into a reflowable epub format.  There are many unwanted line breaks, and my chapter titles are separate from the main text area.  This is more of a teaching book so most users will be using ipads or tablets, and I'm a bit stuck at this point.  I want to offer the epub version free if you purchase my hard cover book, but I'm afraid this process may be too much for my inexperience at this point.


      Any suggestions?