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    Help, lightroom keeps crashing without properly opening.


      Hi everyone, this is my first time using a forum so please bare with me. Please forgive me if I am not doing this right. Now on to my Lightroom program.

      I recently installed the program onto my Mac but it has never properly opened. Every time I have tried to open Lightroom it crashes.

      It pops up a small screen with a list of codes which I honestly don't know how to fully read. I send the crash report but it basically tells me it can't be fixed.

      Since I haven't been able to use the program, I was wondering if I am able to delete then reinstall the program. I noticed on the Creative Cloud it says I can't uninstall it.

      So here I am wondering if anyone knows of any alternative ways of fixing this. Maybe changing out some of the programs settings and codes to hopefully make it work?

      I would really love to use this program, I have used it before on my old computer and I loved it. I will would love any suggestions, thanks.