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    Hyperlink popup

    Tami Snider
      I have added some popups in my topic. When I click on the hyperlink popup it opens, but my main concern is the topic doesn't stay opened to the area where I clicked on the hyperlink popup, rather it goes to the top of the page. Is this normal? Or is it a bug? I would like the topic page to stay opened to where I clicked on the popup.
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          I just started seeing this behavior also, but it doesn't even happen for all popups in the same topic. So I'd say it's a bug, and hope someone has some idea about debugging!
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            MergeThis Level 4
            That is not normal behavior, and is probably not a bug as you imply.

            Can you provide some details on exactly how you created these popups? That might give us some clues as to how to help you.

            Good luck,
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              karenlakl Level 1
              Ah Ha! I should have noticed this sooner. In one topic I have links (Insert - Popup- Autosized ) to topics, as well as links to topics#bookmarks. Those to the topics alone, always appear where they should.

              However, the FIRST time I click a link to the "bookmark popup", the original topic refocuses to the top of the page and the popup window appears there. (crud.)

              Now, muttering to myself, I dismiss the misplaced popup, scroll back down to where the link is, and click it again. Voila... the popup stays put. And continues to work correctly . Until, I leave the topic then return to it, and the problem starts again.

              I'm not sure what else to tell you about how I created them. RoboHelp HTML x5.0.2 generating WebHelp (and viewing in IE6),

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                Tami -- I was just browsing Adobe's RoboHelp WebHelp forums and I came across a message you posted a couple of months ago. The subject was "Hyperlink popup: Popup opens but topic changes to the top of the default page," posted 02/08/2007 08:48:28 AM. The summary of the post was that if you set up a popup link to a bookmark, that bookmarked text would appear correctly at the top of the popup, but the original topic would scroll back to its beginning. Other than the three responses you received two months ago, did anybody suggest a solution that lets you link to bookmarks rather than entire topics without the scrolling behavior? Or have you by any chance found a solution somewhere else? Thanks for your help.

                Bruce Watson