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    ACPU disables printer driver colour management; how?


      Having developed a printing app for Mac Large Format Printers which uses its own CMM, I am finding it increasingly difficult to print natively, so without color management applied to it outside my App.

      Before, drivers had an option to set the simulation to None, which would make the printer use the entire gamut available.

      Now (I believe from OS 10.9.6 and up), this option has been taken out of the HP Designjet PCL drivers, and no longer works properly for RGB in HP designjet PS drivers.

      Adobe Color Printer Utility (ACPU) allows for targets to be printed correctly. It works great. But as my App has its own CMM, it needs to be able to print natively using the drivers.


      My question is; is there an API or documentation on how to make your mac App tell the driver not to do colour management, just like ACPU does?

      Or can you make Cups to this by setting a Cups option?


      Currently, only Adobe Apps like PhotoShop can do this.

      I understand that Adobe will suggest that using Adobe software is a good idea (which it is) but the App I made goes way beyond normal printing functionality offered in these applications and offers hot folders, automatic custom page size definition droplet actions, canvas border creation, nesting, printer load sharing etc. etc.


      Any help/information would be very very very much appreciated.


      Boudewijn Krijger