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    not getting past step 2 out of 3 with flash installer. please help!


      Im trying to run MP3 rocket pro.

      I have already made it run once since downloading it. Once i closed mp3 rocket and tryed reopening it. I got the box saying i needed to install flash player 10 or higher. I go to adobe and download it. I open up my download folder and hit run and the box disaperes but nothing happens. i then try to click on the download box again but it says only one program can run at a time. Im stuck at this point. i have gotten nowhere with internet Explorer so i uninstalled it and tryed to download chrome but now thats not running correctly . I have tryed installing and uninstalling adobe and mp3 rocket and got nowhere. its just chewing up my internet.

      this is a 2nd hand laptop so should i just do a rebot and be done with it or ?


      please help,